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White/Brown Refined Brazilian ICUMSA 45 Sugar

Description by Manufacturer

We have been exporting sugar from Thailand for quite a long time. We have been exporting mostly to South and South Asia both in containers and bulk loads.

Mostly, our exported sugars are packed in 50Kg Single PP Bags and then they are loaded into 20' foot containers. For bulk loads, we do provide the same kind of packing but stronger ones which can easily tolerate the pressure during loading and unloading.

At present, due to huge demand from our buyers we do export sugar directly from our Brazilian and Switzerland partners whereas our buyers can be rest assured that exported sugar possessing their natural grades. For every shipments, we use international excepted surveyors to make sure that the sugar exports either from Brazil or from Thailand are as per export specifications. SPECIFICATION

Colour of the solution: 45 ICUMSA units max Radiation: Within internationally accepted limits Moisture content:    0.06% max Invert sugar content:  0.04% max Conductivity ash:   0.04% max Sulphur dioxide: 15 mg/kg max Anti-caking agents: maximum level of 1.5 m/m singly or combination of following agents: -Calcium phosphate, tribasic - Magnesium carbonate - Silicon dioxide, amorphous (dehydrated silica gel) - Calcium silicate - Magnesium trisilicate - Sodium aluminosilicate - Calcium aluminosilicate Polarization:   99.7% min Moisture content: 0.06% max Invert sugar content:  0.04% max Conductivity ash:  0.04% max Total bacteria:  60 max E. Coli:  30 max Mould:  25 max Sulphur dioxide (SOsub2):   15 max Arsenic (As):      0.5 max Lead (Pb):    0.5 max

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