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Refined White Sugar Crystal

Description by Manufacturer

Refined white sugar crystal, Clean dry appearance, Free falling, Free of foreign materials, Free of agglomeration, odorless, Sweet pure taste, For Direct Human Consumption.

Special Green Cane SugarPolarization99.9 (international sugar scale)Moisture, W/W0.06% maxGrain Size0.8 to 1.0Color I.CU.M.S.A100 to 150 maxAsh, Conductivity0.02 to 0.05% maxPreferred shelf life36 months

Refined Sugar Suppliers - Sugar Exporters

Sugar Exporters,S-30 Sugar,Double Refined Sugar Suppliers

Sugar-Best quality white sugar to raw sugar exporters

Brazilian Sugar Exporter, International Sugar Trader, Global Sugar

Refined Sugar - Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters

Icumsa 45 Sugar Exporter in Brazil | Brazilian Sugar Supplier

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