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Refined Cane Sugar ICUMSA 45

Description by Manufacturer

We are really happy to see your requirement of WHITE REFINED SUGAR IC45 We are feeling great to assist organization like yours. Please find specification of our Icumsa Sugar as follows:

Product: Sugar-Brazil Type: Refined Icumsa: 45 Colour: White and Brown Grade: A

Specifications Fit for human consumption Polarization: 99,80 % minimum Moisture: 00.04% maximum Sulphate ash content: 00.04% maximum Granulation: medium to fine Solubility: 100% dry and free flowing Radiation: normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine, certified Colour: sparkling white. Maximum, 45 icumsa Sediment: none Smell: free of any odour Reducing sugar: 0.05% maximum by weight So2: 20 ppm maximum Substance: solid, crystal Magnetic particles: mg/kg maximum Max as: 1 ppm Max ps: 2 ppm Max cu: 3 ppm Hpn staph aureus: nil Free from: mould, unnatural odours, chemicals and insects  Premium sugar suitable for human consumption

Packaging: 50kg bags Kindly state required packaging if different from the above

Valid: May 15th, 2017

+ Payment Terms: By BG/SBLC + MT103 irrevocable, Non transfertable, confirm at top prime bank 25. + The payment will be through a bank within 25 TOP with the final importer to negotiate bank financial

If you accept, please, request files to find ICPO Format and write full information to sign to send to us. We hope to receive the ICPO from you as soon as possible.

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