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Coca Cola Grade Refined Icumsa 35 Sugar

PRODUCT DATA SHEET ITEM: FINE GRANULATED SUGAR DESCRIPTION: White Satin® Fine Granulated Sugar is boiled to a medium granulation making it suitable for almost any application calling for granulated sugar. SPECIFICATION: Chemical Properties Method Form White crystalline solid Visual Sucrose 99.9% Minimum ICUMSA GS2/3-1 Ash 0.020% Maximum ICUMSA GS2/3-17 Color 35 ICUMSA Maximum ICUMSA GS2/3-9 Moisture 0.04% Maximum ICUMSA GS 2/1/3-15 Sediment 2 ppm Maximum ICUMSA GS 2/3/9-19 Microbiological APC <200 CFU/10 grams AOAC 966.23 Yeast 10 CFU/ 10 grams ICUMSA GS2/3-47 Mold 10 CFU/ 10 grams ICUMSA GS2/3-47 Thermophilic sporeformers <125 CFU/ 10 grams AOAC 972.45 Free of pathogenic organisms. All pathogen methods are AOAC. GRANULATION: Cumulative percentages on U.S. Series screens

Brazilian Refined Sugar Icumsa 35 RBU, Icumsa 150, Icumsa 600-1200 ... Specifications Place of ... ICUMSA Max 45 RBU, attenuation index units method No.

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